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5 Awesome Features in iOS 9

Quick and Useful features in Apple's latest iOS update for iPhone and iPad

Apple have recently rolled out the latest update to their iOS operating system. Below are five nifty new tips and features that are included in the update.

1. Quick-Select Photos and Videos in Camera Roll

Have you ever wanted to select more than one photo or video to either delete, send or upload on your iPhone or iPad? Tapping each and every thumbnail was a total pain. Thanks to an update to the Photos App in iOS 9, all you have to to do is:

  1. Tap ‘Select’ in the top right of the Albums screen.
  2. Tap and then drag your finger along the thumbnails.
  3. Now you can share/batch delete/move the selected images

2. Annotate Email Attachments

Within the Mail App, you can now annotate and ‘write over’ attachments on your emails. Tap and hold the attachment and in the second row of options, select ‘Markup and Reply’.

The most basic of annotation features is the ‘Pen’ tool. This allows you to draw over the image/PDF with a desired colour. Next is the ‘Zoom’ tool.  A quick way to zoom into particular sections of the attachment. As you would expect, there is also a ‘Text’ tool - simply add a text box to any part of the image/PDF and have the option to change the font/colour. Lastly, there is a ‘Signature’ tool. This is a super-easy way to sign-off on some of the more important PDF’s using your actual signature.

Make sure to check all these features out!

3. Save Battery Power using Low Power Mode

This feature couldn't be any easier to use. If you want to lengthen your battery life you can switch on ‘Low Power Mode’. This will turn off some background procedures that most of us will never use anyway. When your battery life gets to 20% or below, you will see a notification to switch this feature on. Thankfully, there is a way to switch it on any time. 

Simply go to:

Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode

4. Search within your Settings

This is a great addition to the ever growing Settings App.There are a ton of options that you can tweak on your phone and sometimes remembering where to find them is a pain. Thanks to this little tweak, you can now quickly search through and find specific settings. Just pull your main settings screen down and search - you will be able to jump straight to that specific setting.

Something that I recommend everyone to go check out (on the iPhone) is ‘Background App Refresh’. Consider switching it off if you are afraid of your data hungry phone chomping up on data usage! Go to:

Settings > General > Background App Refresh

Or try the settings search feature!

5. Notes... Notes and more Notes

Up until iOS 9, the Notes app was a really simple note-taking app, allowing you to create text based notes. So simple and limiting that many users didn't use it. The Notes App in iOS 9 has had a redesign with some new tools added. You can add maps, photos, drawings and to-do lists.  If you are using iCloud, all of your notes will be accessible across all of your iCloud enabled devices.

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